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Our Impact as Brokers for the Broken


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Thank you to Christian Brothers Automotive New Territory for partnering with us to bless The Boaz House

Thank you for this incredible gift of a VEHICLE! Thank you for giving us the ability to partner with you and connect you to The Boaz House!               You are truly the hands and feet of Jesus! Thank you Kelly Adams!

 Auto Repair Service | Christian Brothers Automotive (


40 Hours of Trauma Counseling!

40 Hours. Kintsukuroi Ministries just sponsored 40 hours. 40 HOURS Of trauma counseling!!! Thank you to those who are partnering with us. Lives are changing. Thank you to our dear partners at Katy Cares. The sacrifices that these counselors make are changing lives. They truly have a heart after The Lord. Imagine the impact of 40 hours.

More is needed. Please contact if you would like to help support this beautiful ministry.


Thank you to all who joined with Kintsukuroi Ministries, Intl. as we partnered with Los Muertos to donate toys to help support children in the foster system, living with a single mother, or who are living in a shelter due to violence in the home. THANK YOU PAIGE HUDEC FOR ALL YOU DID TO MAKE THIS CONNECTION HAPPEN!!!

Thank you to all who donated for the Kintsukuroi Homeless Bags! So many were blessed because of your generosity! The bags were packed with socks, hats, Bibles, food, gloves, and scarfs! THANK YOU for being the hands and feet of Jesus!


Kintsukuroi Ministries' Teen Pregnancy Division, Perfectly Planned, is so grateful to all who participated in the donation of 146 onesies to Pregnancy Help Center of West Houston. This pregnancy center offers the pregnancy services and resources you need to take the next step in your journey, completely free of charge. Their team purposes to educate you and help you make a confident decision for your future. They offer free pregnancy tests, ultrasounds, education, and post-abortion support for those who made that decision. Thank you Mia, for all of your work on this endeavor! 

filled car.jpg

THANK YOU! We were able to load the car to the BRIM with feminine products! Thank you for helping us bless the beautiful women at Boaz House!


We were so blessed that we were able to partner with Heshima Ministries, one of our newest partners, and provide 12 sewing machines to students who are graduating out of Heshima's tailoring/sewing program this year! Heshima purposes to equip women in Uganda, helping them gain marketing skills to help end poverty in this area of the world. This ministry is a Holy Spirit led ministry with Misty Newsome at the helm. Thank you to our donors! Thank you for being part of the global difference and blessing these women with more than just a machine each. You are blessing them with the love of Jesus Christ, as they recognize that He has not forgotten them... You are showing them that they are in fact PRECIOUS to Him. Thank you, Heshima Ministries, for being the hands and feet of Jesus! It is a honor and a true blessing to watch you do all that you do in Uganda!

Congratulations precious graduates!!!!

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