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We have a dedicated, constantly expanding team purposed to educate the world in what is currently under attack more than ever, God’s beautiful daughters. Our global team is strategically divided into divisions, equipped and educated according to their Holy Spirit calling. Kintsukuroi divisions of outreach include but are not limited to a section for sexually abused and trafficked victims, teen matters, divorce, the imprisoned, those suffering from mental illness, and family tragedy. The divisions which provide protection for women include the Advocates Division, Guardians of Justice Division and the Shield of the Defenseless section. 

Areas of support include Freedom Prayer Ministry, and counseling though perspective giving tools. 

​This not for profit ministry serves as a Holy Spirit driven umbrella to protect, help heal, and unify God’s daughters across the globe. 

Our financial partners are supporting one of the most incredible women’s ministries of our time. At Kintsukuroi, we believe that the rebuilding of our female community is one of the most vital ministries any organization can support. Your donations are prayerfully dispersed throughout the globe. The dispersing of funds includes, but is not limited to, the sheltering of victimized women and children, assisting with counseling, supporting other similar organizations, etc. 

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• Guardians of Justice Division • Shield of the Maternal Division





• Freedom Sakura Division

• Your Unique Perspective Division



• North Star Pursuit Division

• Teen Triumph Division

• Beautifully Broken Division

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