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Kintsukuroi will be hosting events and assisting other ministries create and conduct conferences that encourage and educate women in every area they are purposed to serve. Please contact us if your heart for events or for hosting and speaking at events. These events will be free to all who attend, making healing through the word of testimonies fully tangible for all!

Our prayer is to have an ambassador in each state who has a heart to connect and unify all ministries fully devoted to encouraging the physical and spiritual healing of women.

It is the vision and mission of Kintsukuroi Ministries, Intl to unite and wrap our arms around all ministries dedicated to this purpose. Once gathered and united in a particular area, we will be hosting a sharing of all testimonies from each ministry for those who are lost or need support in that same struggle.

Tents of Testimony is a movement that we know will forever change the course of history. We know that there is no greater way to defeat the enemy than the understanding of the power of Jesus and the sacrifice He made for us combined with the word of another's testimony of how God brought them through the unthinkable.

If you feel moved to step forward and share what the Lord has done for you in the most difficult of circumstances, please message us. Come join us as Revelation 12:11 becomes the future of The Bride of Christ.


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