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Shield of the Maternal & North Star Pursuit Divisions, Partnering with Los Muertos

Updated: Jan 10, 2023

Every child deserves a chance at a good life. Kintsukuroi Ministry partnered with Los Muertos to donate toys to help support children in the foster system, living with a single mother, or who are living in a shelther due to violence in the home.

With the help of Kintsukuroi Ministries, Shield of the Maternal and North Star Pursuit partnered with Biker group, Los Muertos, to provide an unforgettable Christmas towards foster children, single moms, and those living in shelters. Los Muertos was able to show up with $650 worth of toys and $600 worth of gift cards to let these women and children know they are not alone and that women ministries are praying for them.

Thank you Paige for setting this up! Paige has such a compassionate heart and she's such a blessing to Kintsukuroi and The Kingdom! Thank you to all who donated! This is going to result in salvations for all.

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