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Pose at Protest

Join us and our partners as we globally unite and become the true Bride of Christ

Currently, Kintsukuroi is assisting one on one needs. As of right now, we are taking applications and interviews for potential partners and affiliates who need financial assistance, leadership guidance, or mentorship pertaining to any of our divisions of Kintsukuroi. We believe firmly Holy Spirit is our guide, as we wisely choose partnerships which will flourish under our care and further God’s Kingdom. 

If you have the heart for revival, and are willing to partner with us as we begin the Tents of Testimony, please contact us as soon as possible, as we are equipping and getting ready to deploy our teams! We could be coming to your state or city next!

If you need help and do not know where to go, we know God would not have led you to this page without a plan. Please fill out the below form.

We will quickly be in contact

We cannot wait to meet you and watch what plan God has for this movement!

Tel:  505-818-3428 

 2227 Texana Way Richmond,

TX 77406 

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